Hi I’m Momin. I made this blog so i can share my knowledge about Honda Civic and solve the challenges you face as a beginner.

About My Car

The journey started in 2019 when i bought the car, a Civic RS Turbo Sedan. Kept it stock till 2022 and then started to mess with the things. It’s fully murdered out with:

  • 100% Side Tints
  • 50% Front Tint
  • Carbon Fiber Logos
  • Smoked Headlights
  • Black Rims


The car is equipped with:

  1. PRL Cobra Cold Air Intake (Small bore, Street Maf)
  2. PRL Intercooler Black Series
  3. Rev 9 2.5″ Front Pipe & Down Pipe
  4. Custom Tune 21 psi
  5. Using E10

It’s producing around 210Whp and 250bhp on dyno for exact results.

Future plans with the car

I will be going for the

  1. PRL Flex kit with E40 tune
  2. Vargas GC+ Turbo
  3. Turbo Inlet pipe

And the horse power would be around 320 Wheels and 380 Break Hp

I faced many challenges during this journey, my car got a lot of issues that were resolved after thorough research. So i planned to start this blog to help you guys tackle the problems without any worries