Best Cold Air Intake For Honda Civic 11th Generation 2022+

As the Honda Civic 11th Generation is newly released in the market, all performance parts companies are building performance parts for it. Every day, a new part is released by different companies, like PRL, 27WON, Injen, AEM, Mishimoto, K&N, etc. Today’s primary confusion is which one is the best cold air intake for the Honda … Read more

RV6 R365 Vs 27WON GIN Turbo Comparison – 11th Gen Honda Civic 2023

As the 11th generation Honda Civic is getting older, more and more performance parts are being released. For example, the long-awaited drop in turbo. Now, when the drop in turbo is released by just two companies, RV6 and 27 Won, there needs to be more clarity about which one is better regarding power, reliability, price, … Read more

How much horsepower does a downpipe add to a Honda Civic? 2023

Are you looking to increase the horsepower of your Honda Civic through a downpipe? Installing a downpipe can surely increase your Honda Civic’s performance as it gives better airflow than the stock downpipe. First, let’s see what downpipe really does.  A downpipe is an important component of your car’s exhaust system, specifically found between the … Read more