RV6 R365 Vs 27WON GIN Turbo Comparison – 11th Gen Honda Civic 2023

As the 11th generation Honda Civic is getting older, more and more performance parts are being released. For example, the long-awaited drop in turbo.

Now, when the drop in turbo is released by just two companies, RV6 and 27 Won, there needs to be more clarity about which one is better regarding power, reliability, price, warranty, and durability.

However, you don’t have to look further now as I have compiled a detailed comparison of the drop-in turbos for the 11th gen Honda Civic 2022+. Let’s have a look at the differences.

Specification27WON GIN TurboRV6 R365
Maximum Power (WHP)330WHP335WHP
Type of CHRACeramic Ball BearingCeramic Ball Bearing RED
Turning Point (RPM)~3,250 RPM~4,500 RPM
WarrantyLimited Lifetime1 year

RV6 Vs 27 WON Turbo For Honda Civic 11th Generation

1. 27WON GIN Drop-In Turbo

  • Maximum Power: 330WHP
  • Type: Ball Bearing CHRA
  • Turning point: ~3,250RPM
  • Warranty: Limited Lifetime 

So, if we look at the 27WON GIN Turbo, it gives a whooping power of 330 WHP on a stock engine (no rebuilds). Moreover, this power can be achieved with the following performance upgrades to prevent any issues:

  • PRL High Volume Intake
  • PRL Intercooler
  • PRL Charge Pipes
  • PRL High Volume Intercooler Outlet
  • PRL Flex Fuel Kit
  • Front Pipe 
  • Down Pipe
  • Custom Tune

You will also need an E30 Tune to achieve this power. As per the research, a fuel pump upgrade isn’t necessary for the turbo installation and an E40 tune. Further, this GIN 11th generation turbo comes with a performance Ball Bearing CHRA, as they increase the compressor wheel and the turbine. 

There are two types of bearings: ball bearings and journal bearings. The Ball Bearing is more reliable than the Journal bearing as it gives more room for sudden loads. 

An FBO Si 2023 Honda Civic produced 258 WHP on stock turbo on custom E40 Tune, so compared to that power, the GIN turbo gives a whooping 130-140WHP gain.

Furthermore, the RPM where the turbo activates is around 3,250RPM, which means the lag is minimal compared to the other RV6 Turbo.

Here are the power gains claimed by 27WON:

Their maximum power per this graph was 325-329WHP at the 4,000 RPM.

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Upgraded turbo parts compared to OEM:

  • 27WON Upgraded compressor wheel inducer
  • 27WON Upgraded compressor wheel exducer
  • 27WON Upgraded turbine wheel inducer
  • 27WON Upgraded turbine wheel exducer

2. RV6 R365 BB RED Turbo

  • Maximum Power: 335WHP
  • Type: Ball Bearing RED
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Lightweight billet compressor wheel
  • Inconel Alloy Turbine wheel

RV6 was the first company to launch a drop-in turbo for the Civic 2022 11th generation. They are known for producing one of the best drop-in turbos for the Honda Civic. They released the R365 Red BB drop-in turbo on June 5th, 2023.

Moreover, it allows you to push your car to 335 WHP on the E30 blend (tested by experts), which is slightly higher than the 27 Won GIN turbo; however, other factors make the difference minimal.  

The turbo supports dual ceramic ball bearings for quick spooling. Moreover, it is lightweight because of the lightweight compressor and turbines, giving you an edge. The 9-blade turbine gives you access to increased turbo boost.

The one-year warranty gives you peace of mind and allows a wide range of testing with the turbo, as both the Honda Civic and the turbo are new.

The only downside of the RV6 R365 turbo is its lag in initial (drag). Also, the activation rev point is slightly higher than other drop-in turbos.

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The power difference between an E30-tuned Civic and an FBO with an RV6 R365 Turbo is 77 WHP on the stock fuel pump, which is quite impressive. Moreover, the difference between a stock 2023 Honda Civic SI and an FBO with RV6 R365 turbo is 140WHP. 

Here’s what the RV6 claims with the TSP Tune:

Here’s how much we were able to make with the following mods:

Honda Civic ’23 CVT.

  • PRL Flex Fuel Kit
  • PRL Intercooler
  • PRL Cobra Air Intake
  • Custom 3″ Front Pipe & Down Pipe
  • Custom Tune
  • Stock Inlet

Regarding the price, both drop-in turbos lie in the price range of $1,700 – $1800. The RV6 is around 30 dollars cheaper than the 27 WON.

Here is a POV video of our 11th-generation Civic Xi with RV6 R365 with E40 Blend:

Companies that are currently working on turbo upgrades for the Honda Civic 2022+ include:

  • PRL
  • Vargas technologies
  • MHI

Note: An upgraded inlet pipe is essential for the turbo upgrade; hence, get that too. No inlet pipes are available for the 11th-generation Honda Civic 2023, so you must wait. 27Won is almost in the completion stage of the inlet pipe testing.

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