How to use paddle shifters on a Honda Civic 2022

Paddle shifters can make your driving experience interesting by giving you a taste of manual transmission in an auto car. If you are a car guy, paddle shifters will help you enjoy the car more.

What do paddle shifters do? 

The Paddle shifter mechanism in a Honda Civic 2022 allows you to control the gears of your car manually through the wings-like thing behind the steering with “+” and “-” Signs, those are called paddle shifters. When you press the “+” shifter, the manual shifting mode turns on and the gears will start to show up—Similarly when the “-” sign paddle shifter is pressed, the gear downshifts.

How to use paddle shifters in a Honda Civic 2022-2023?

Let’s come straight to the point and see how you can use paddle shifters on a Honda Civic 2022.

1. You will see a mode button behind your gear, select the sport mode by pushing the mode button downwards.

2. The meter will turn to red with the sport mentioned

3. Now press the “-” or “+” sign to activate the paddle shifters.

4. You will see numbers like 1,2,3,4,5 beside “D”. This number shows your car’s current gear. 

5. To achieve increased acceleration, you can down-shift by pressing the paddle shifter. You will hear a whining noise when the Civic is in low gear, just press the pedal and you will feel the power.

6. Don’t forget to shift on time, or you can lose your CVT in no time.

7. It’s done, you can now use paddle shifters on a Honda Civic 2023.

How to properly shift gears through paddle shifters on the Honda Civic 2022?

Shifting gear is not difficult, you just have to analyze the point where the shift is required. On the Honda Civic there is a rev limit of 7RPM, so as soon as your RPM hits 6-6.5, you should shift your gear. Your reaction time should be fast because if the car’s RPM is locked, it will more pressure on the CVT. 

Make Sure to avoid wheel spin, which comes due to fast acceleration, bad tires, and slippery roads. There is a company fault of CVT failure on the 11th generation Honda Civic 2022, so always take precautions. Always leave the pedal if the RPM is bouncing because of excessive wheel spin

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Honda Civic Hatchback sport does not auto shift in sports mode issue

All Honda Civics don’t shift in sport mode as the car is put in a manually controlled mode, however, if you use the paddle shifters in normal or econ mode, the paddle shifters will auto-shift.

Does using the paddle shifter on a Honda Civic 22 actually do anything?

Paddle shifters on a Honda Civic 22 just simulate gear shifts as there are no manual gears in the CVT except the first one.

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