How To Reset Check Emission System Honda Civic 2024

A smooth drive interrupted by that pesky Check Emission System warning can be frustrating. But don’t worry, there’s a simple fix for this problem. You can easily reset the check emission system on your Honda Civic and get it back on the road within minutes.

So, let’s get right into the details without further ado!

How To Reset ‘Check Emission System’ Honda Civic?

Resetting the Honda Civic Check Emission System is straightforward, especially if you’re comfortable doing basic repairs for your car. You only need to get a little handy with the car battery to reset the check engine light.

Here’s what you need to do to make the check engine light go away:

  • First, turn off the ignition and wear safety gear like gloves and glasses.
  • Next, find the negative terminal on your car’s battery. A black color and a negative symbol can identify it.
  • Take a wrench and open the nut on the negative terminal. Now, gently remove the negative cable from the battery and keep it aside.
  • After 1 minute, reconnect the negative connector to the negative terminal on the battery and tighten it with a wrench.

The check emission system must be reset once you’ve performed these steps. If this doesn’t help, we recommend you visit a technician and inspect your car for other issues you can also learn about in the next section.

Common Causes Of ‘Check Emission System’ Warning

While resetting the check engine light may be a quick and successful fix, you must try to find out the root cause in case you’re experiencing a recurring warning to avoid serious problems in the future. 

Some of the leading causes of Check Emission System warning are as follows:

1. Gas Cap Issues

A loose, broken, or missing gas cap is one of the most common causes of the check engine light in Honda Civic. The gas cap maintains pressure in the fuel system, and when it’s not sealed correctly, it triggers the warning light.

2. Faulty Catalytic Converter

A failing catalytic converter compromises the engine’s performance and causes an increase in exhaust emissions, which triggers the check emission system light in the Honda Civic.

3. Malfunctioning Battery

A weak battery can impact the performance of various components in the engine due to voltage fluctuations. So, while a failing battery doesn’t directly trigger check engine light, the impact of a weak battery on the emission system can cause such warnings. 

4. Broken Spark Plug

Another common reason behind the check emission system warning is broken spark plugs and wires. Faulty spark plugs can compromise the engine’s performance due to inefficient combustion, triggering the warning light.

5. Vacuum Leaks

Cracked hoses, faulty gaskets, or loose connections can cause vacuum leaks, compromising the engine’s performance. The Check Emission System warning in your car may be due to vacuum leaks at times. 

6. Faulty Oxygen Sensor

A malfunctioning oxygen sensor can result in an improper air-fuel mixture. This increases exhaust emissions and leads to a Check Emission System warning in the Honda Civic.

7. Problem With Aftermarket Parts

Improper fitting or poor quality of aftermarket parts, such as catalytic converters, fuel system parts, etc. may cause them to not function properly and trigger the check engine light in your car.

But to be honest, there can be hundreds of other potential issues causing the check emission system warning. If none of the above mentioned causes explain your car’s problem, you might want to get in-touch with a professional for proper troubleshooting.

Types Of Check Emission Warnings & What To Do

The check emission light can illuminate in more than one way. Depending on the frequency and type of light illumination, you’ll have to proceed in different ways.

  • Check Engine Light Constantly Blinking: A constantly blinking check engine light indicates a severe issue. The safest bet, in this case, is to pull over and have your car inspected and fixed. 
  • Appears Under Certain Conditions Then Disappears: If you notice a decline in your car’s performance and the check emission system light appears under certain circumstances, it indicates a malfunction in a component of the emission system. Although you can keep driving your car in such circumstances, we recommend that you get it immediately inspected.
  • Check Engine Light Constantly On While you may be able to drive your car as usual when the check engine light is constantly on; it still indicates an underlying problem in the emission system that must be adequately inspected. 

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