Does a cold air intake void the warranty?

Sacrificing your Honda Civic’s warranty for a performance part like an air intake is a wrong decision that could cost you a lot if you face a recall or a part failure. So, the main concern here is whether a cold air intake specifically voids/cancels the warranty. Let’s look at the answers.

So the answer to the question is No; if the cold air intake did not malfunction or cause any problem, the warranty cannot be voided. A cold air intake doesn’t damage or affect your engine or any other part that will void your warranty. 

Can you void your warranty with a Cold Air Intake?

However, there are certain aspects where you can void a warranty after a cold air intake install; the cases include:

Firstly, if you take your car to the dealership for service, if they see it, yes, they will cancel your warranty, but it’s your luck if you go to a lenient Honda dealership that lets it go. The solution is to remove the cold air intake before you go for a checkup or service. 

Even if the dealership makes the cold air intake a problem, they cannot altogether cancel the warranty; they can only partially void it, which means the engine and the transmission will not be covered in the warranty. 

Secondly, your warranty can be voided with a cold air intake if an issue comes caused by the cold air intake. The problems include the engine getting hydro locked because of a long RAM cold air intake sucking up stormwater. 

In this case, even if you remove the cold air intake before taking it to the dealership, they will know how it is caused. 

Do you have to tell your insurance about a cold air intake?

Yes, it’s necessary to talk to the insurance company about the exterior and interior modification beforehand to prevent any problems during a claim, and they know what was in there when the insurance covered it. 

Will cold air intake increase mpg?

During my testing, I found out that there is a slight increase in the mpg with a cold air intake as it takes up more air and the air-to-fuel ratios are improved. 

Will a PRL Cold Air Intake void my warranty?

It depends on whether you have a Short RAM or Long RAM intake; if you have a Short RAM, No, PRL cold air intake will not void your warranty as there are zero chances of any damage to the engine; however, if you have a long RAM cold air intake, there are slight chances that your warranty gets voided IF your God forbid something happens to your engine.

Will a 27WON Cold Air Intake void my warranty?

No, your warranty will not be voided by the dealership as 27WON makes short RAM air intakes, which don’t pose any damage to the engine.

Does air intake void insurance?

No, air intake does not void the insurance, but it depends on the insurance company. Some let these modifications go, while some make it a problem. So it’s better to inform them beforehand. 

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