Best Wheels For Honda Civic 2022

Stock wheels in a Honda Civic 2022 can make you feel bored after a time. The design is also not too sleek, and if you are more inclined towards the performance side, the weight of the stock rims is also high.

Hence, replacing those rims and getting something way better in looks, color, and weight will definitely be a good option. 

The market is loaded with a lot of good rims; however, finding the one that suits your needs will be difficult, that’s where we come in to help you find the best wheels for the Honda Civic 2022.

The Honda Civic 2022 comes with these stock rims: 

Trim LevelStock Rim Size (inches)Stock Tire Size
Honda Civic LX16215/55R16
Honda Civic Sport18235/40R18
Honda Civic EX17215/50R17
Honda Civic Touring18235/40R18
Honda Civic Si18235/40R18
Honda Civic Type R20245/30R20

Best 18-inch wheels for Honda Civic 2022

  1. XXR WHEELS 530 Rim 18X8.75 5X100/5X114.3 Offset 33 Flat Black
  2. AVID1 AV6 18×8.5 +35
  3. VORS TR4 BLACK 18X8.5 +35MM
  4. AVID1 AV20 BRONZE 18X8.5 +33MM

Best 17-inch wheels for Honda Civic 2022

  1. TOUREN TR60 BLACK RED 17X7.5 +42MM
  2. AVID1 AV20 GLOSS BLACK 17X8 +35MM

How to read a tyre size on a Honda Civic?

Before you move on, let’s look at some specifications to help you decide on the best rims for the Honda Civic 2022.

This buyer’s guide will help you understand different sizes, materials, designs, weights, etc. Let’s start without further ado. 

Wheel size

The rim size depends on you. Different models of Honda Civic come with different rim sizes. In my opinion, 16-inch doesn’t suit the Honda Civic.

A 17-inch wheel goes with the car’s look, giving it a more aggressive look. 17-inch wheels are also ideal for performance, as they have an adequate weight.

If we compare the 16-inch rim with the 17-inch, there will be excessive wheel spin as the wheels and tyres are too lightweight.

The 18-inch wheels become slightly larger, but if you are looking for a more sporty and aggressive look, those can be bought.

Hence, ultimately, the rim/wheel size depends on the buyer. The larger the rim size, the higher the car’s weight will be if you are more towards the performance side.


The offset is crucial for proper fitment as it specifies how far in or out the wheel sits with the hub. The proper offset ensures the wheels align correctly within the wheel wells, preventing issues like touching against the fenders.

Tyres with an extended offset give the car a ricer and cheap look. An offset ranging from +30MM to +38MM is the best on a Honda Civic.


Alloy vs. Steel: Alloy wheels are lighter in weight and improve performance and fuel efficiency, and they give me more cleaner look.

However, steel wheels are generally more affordable and durable, they are heavier and are more prone to scratches and damage. The ones I mentioned in the guide are all made from alloy as they are better in all ways.


A lightweight wheel is preferred as it provides a comfortable ride experience due to the reduced stress on the suspension. The ideal weight for a good wheel is 20-25lbs.

Bolt Patterns

Bolt patterns are basically the bolts on the wheel. The standard bolt pattern on a Honda Civic is 5X114.3, and the ones mentioned below are of the same bolt pattern.

1. AVID1 AV6 18×8.5 +35MM

Our Top Pick

1. AVID1 AV6 18×8.5 +35MM

  • Size: 18-inch
    Wheel Width: 8.5JJ
    Wheel Material: Alloy
    Weight: 22.3Lbs
    Wheel Spoke Number: 6
    Bolt Patterns: 5×114.3 (5×4.5)
    Offset: +35

The AVID1 AV6 is a trendy wheel due to its unique and sleek design and weight. AVID6, being in the market for an extended period, has not disappointed its customers regarding quality and, more importantly, the price.

It has a JDM-style 6-spoke design made with alloy material and is a one-piece aluminum cast wheel, making it durable and eye-catching. 

It is an 18-inch wheel with 8.5JJ and an offset of +35MM, which is the exact fitment for your Honda Civic 2022. Also, the Bolt Patterns are 5×114.3.

The weight of 22.6 lbs is comparatively less compared to other wheels, which is again an edge for a performance build.

Moreover, the wheel’s width is 8.5, which is the same as the stock rims, so you don’t have to worry about the wheel being wider than the car. 

The available colors for this wheel are Matte Black, Matte Blue, Matte Bronze, Gloss Black, Hyperblack, and Matte White, so you can choose the best one that suits your car’s color.

Furthermore, this best lightweight wheel for the Honda Civic comes at a really affordable price. 

The AVID1 AV6 can have a noticeable impact on your car’s handling and performance. The wider width can provide better grip and cornering stability, making it the best option for those who want an improved driving experience.

However, you may need to choose the appropriate tires to maximize these benefits. The best tyre size for this wheel would be 235/40/R18. 

Here are some pictures of this wheel installed on the Honda Civic 11th Generation 2022:

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Our 2nd Pick

2. VORS TR4 BLACK 18X8.5 +35MM

  • Size: 18-inch
    Wheel Width: 8.5JJ
    Wheel Material: Alloy
    Weight: 21.7 lbs
    Wheel Spoke Number: 5
    Bolt Patterns: 5×114.3 (5×4.5)
    Offset: +35MM

The Vors TR4 has a sporty design, with a five-spoke pattern that has a sleek finish with a wide range of color options. Vors, being a small company, has successfully made the perfect wheel for the Honda Civic.

They have kept all aspects in mind while designing this wheel, along with keeping the cost on the lower side. This wheel has a sharp look with edges curved on point.

This wheel has taken a competitive edge over other wheels due to its build quality. It has been forged using flow forming technology, which increases the wheel’s strength and makes the wheel be used in the toughest road conditions.

It is an 18-inch wheel with 8.5JJ width and a +35MM offset, which is the same as the AV6 mentioned above.  Moreover, it is made of very lightweight and durable materials, weighing only 21.7 lbs. 

Our 3rd Pick

3. XXR 559 18×8.5 +35

  • Size: 18-inch
    Wheel Width: 8.5JJ
    Wheel Material: Alloy
    Weight: 29 lbs
    Wheel Spoke Number: 5
    Bolt Patterns: 5×114.3 (5×4.5)
    Offset: +35MM

The XXR 559 Wheel features a sleek and modern mesh design that can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your vehicle. The Chromium Black finish gives a touch of both black and grey, making it a unique option.

In daylight, the wheel will give a grey look, and at night time, it will look black. Its bold and aggressive look makes it more aesthetically pleasing. 

XXR is a popular company who have been making wheels for 40 years, so I’m sure durability would not be an issue with these wheels. The wheel size is the same as the one mentioned above, 18 inches with 8.5JJ width.

This size offers a good combination of aesthetics and performance, allowing for wider tires for improved grip and a sportier, aggressive look without compromising ride comfort.

The wheel’s weight is 29 lbs, which is why this wheel comes in the 3rd position on our list. The weight is slightly heavy but considerate for performance as well.

Moreover, if you have upgraded your Honda Civic’s brakes or have put a caliper cover, these wheels will suit you the best as they have an extended brake caliper clearance.

Here are some pictures of this XXR 559 wheel installed on the Honda Civic 11th Generation 2022:

Our 4th Pick

4. AVID1 AV20 18×8.5 +33

  • Size: 18-inch
    Wheel Width: 8.5JJ
    Wheel Material: Alloy
    Weight: 21.4 lbs
    Wheel Spoke Number: 6
    Bolt Patterns: 5×114.3 (5×4.5)
    Offset: +33MM

Another one from Avid1 on our list, the AV20, features a 12-spoke design with deep concavity. The concavity of the spokes creates a sense of depth and dimension, giving the wheel a more aggressive and sharp look. 

The color finish of the AV20 is unique to the company, which is hyper hyper-black finish. This finish makes the look of this rim sporty as well as easy to clean.

The AVID1 AV20 is offered in a variety of colors, but the most popular one is the Matte Bronze color.

It is again an 18-inch wheel for the Honda Civic, with 8.5JJ width and +33MM Offset. The +33mm offset is crucial as it determines how far the wheel is positioned in or out from the wheel hub.

The +33mm offset this wheel has means that the wheel will sit closer to the outside of the fender than the stock wheels. Also, the offset is less than other wheels for a better look. 

The weight being 21.4 lbs, it’s a relatively lightweight wheel that can give you an edge over other cars having heavy wheels. 

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