How much is a wheel alignment for a Honda Civic?

Generally, the cost of wheel alignment for a Honda Civic ranges from $70-$120 depending on the area you are in and the labor cost there.

Why do you need Wheel Alignment?

Wheel alignment is necessary if your car is not going in a straight direction when the steering wheel is centered. In short, when the steering wheel is straight, the car will go in either in left or right direction. Secondly, when you can feel vibration at high speeds, it’s time for a wheel alignment. 

Furthermore, wheel alignment is required to prevent the tires start getting an uneven tread. A bad wheel alignment would make the tire treads uneven, causing an early tire replacement. If your car is not giving the above-par fuel economy, you can get the wheel alignment done too.

What is wheel alignment?

Wheel alignment is a process of making sure all wheels of the car are straight and properly aligned together. When a wheel alignment is done, the car needs to be parked on a machine, that tells which wheel’s alignment is out and then the alignment is done according to that. 

Does Honda Civics need a 4-wheel alignment?

Yes, it’s better to get the wheel alignment done for all 4 tires as they all makeup to give you the perfect wheel alignment. If you only get the 4 wheels alignment done, the car will be unbalanced, hence causing high-speed vibration

How often should you get the wheel alignment done in a Honda Civic?

The recommended time for a wheel alignment job is either 5,000 miles or 6 months. If you feel before this mileage or the time, you can get it done to avoid more issues.

Will my car drive better after alignment?

Yes, you will feel a better performance once the alignment is done.

How do I know if my car alignment is properly done?

You can check this by aligning your steering wheel in the center and see where the car is going, if it’s going in a straight direction, the alignment is properly done, if not then you need an alignment again. 

You can keep your steering wheel in the center by looking at the Honda monogram on the steering, if it’s completely straight, the steering is also straight

Can tire pressure affect alignment?

Yes, tire pressure can affect the alignment, but if you refill all pressures back to normal, there are chances of alignment getting back.

What causes bad alignment?

There are several factors that cause a bad alignment, that include:

  1. You hit a very deep pothole, or you struck your car from many potholes
  2. Your car jumped on a high speed from a speedbreaker
  3. You got into an accident
  4. When you change the rims and the tires

A bad alignment is caused when the suspension parts become loose, and when the above-mentioned circumstances take place, the suspension takes the hit causing bad alignment.  

Can I drive with a bad wheel alignment?

Yes, you can drive your Honda Civic with a bad wheel alignment but you should avoid that as a wheel alignment problem can make the tire tread uneven, causing you an early tire replacement. Moreover, the suspension parts or the steering rack would wear out, which can give you an expensive ticket to the shop.

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