How to delete Bluetooth device from Honda Civic 2016

Struggling to delete a Bluetooth device but are unsuccessful? Deleting a Bluetooth device from a Honda Civic 2016 can help you configure the Bluetooth connection issues. Also, if your head unit is lagging, you can remove some Bluetooth devices to prevent any problems. Here are a few simple steps to delete a Bluetooth device from a Honda Civic 2016.

Why do you want to delete a Bluetooth device from Honda Civic 2016?

There are a couple of reasons why you might want to delete a Bluetooth device from your Honda Civic:

Connectivity Issues

You might need to remove Bluetooth devices if you are struggling to connect your phone with Bluetooth or when your phone is connected, but the sound is coming from your phone. To troubleshoot that issue, remove all Bluetooth devices, restart the head unit through the power button, or switch the car off.

Head Unit Lag

Secondly, it can prevent excessive head unit lagging. The head unit can sometimes lag a lot, and the reason for that is excessive storage. You can clear storage and excessive Bluetooth devices that are not in use.

Privacy Issues

The third reason could be that you don’t want someone sitting in the car to see the Bluetooth list of connected people. The Bluetooth devices list shows all the names of the phones that have been connected. 

10 Simple Steps to remove a Bluetooth device from a honda civic 2016

Let’s come straight to the point now and read how to remove a Bluetooth device from a Honda Civic 2016

  1. Turn the radio off
  2. Click the Phone button
  3. The option will appear: “Would you like to connect to a phone?”
  4. Click No
  5. Navigate to phone setup
  6. Open the Bluetooth setup
  7. Scroll to delete a device option
  8. You will be navigated to the device list, and you will see all devices connected
  9. Select the device you want to delete and click it
  10. You will see the option to delete
  11. It’s done; the Bluetooth device has been successfully deleted

Why isn’t my Bluetooth connecting to my Honda Civic?

  1. Turn your phone’s Bluetooth off and wait for a few seconds
  2. Forget the device on your phone
  3. Restart the car after waiting for 5 minutes after switching off
  4. If this doesn’t work, try resetting the device. 

You can reset it by following these steps:

  1. Make sure the Audio is off
  2. Press the number 1 and 6 buttons simultaneously for 5 seconds
  3. After 5 seconds, press the 1 and 6 buttons and then the volume dial. 
  4. A menu, “manual Display,” will show up
  5. Press 1 to navigate to Version/System 
  6. And then press one again for “version display.”
  7. At the bottom, you will see number 6, named “BT Reflash”. 
  8. After that, you will see a menu to do a Bluetooth search
  9. You can easily pair your phone now without any issues

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