How much should an AC compressor replacement for a 2017 Civic cost?

Failing AC compressors of 2016 – 2018 Honda Civics were a significant issue that was faced by almost everyone owning the Civic. Honda even recalled the cars with this issue. In that recall, Honda gave an extension of the AC condenser warranty to 10 years and unlimited mileage on August 9, 2019. 

So if your AC is throwing hot air or is not working properly, you shouldn’t spend from your pocket, instead, visit the nearest dealership to get it replaced. Even, if your car’s model is 2016, you still have 3 years to get a claim

However, if the dealership does not take the warranty claim, you would need to get it changed on your own. That’s why I’m here to tell you what an AC compressor replacement for a 2017 Civic costs. Let’s start the costing process.

As of 2023, the AC compressor costs around $1300, which can be divided into $800 for the new compressor and $500 for the labor. This cost is for a new AC compressor from the market, not the dealership.

Note: If your compressor isn’t working, don’t keep the AC always on. It will emit carbon to the condenser, adding extra cost.

How to check if the AC compressor isn’t working on a Honda Civic 2017?

The compressor turns off again and again. You will feel the AC compressor not working once you stop your car. As soon as you start moving, the AC works normally, this means that your AC compressor has become weak and will stop working anytime. Moreover, you will observe the compressor tripping randomly.

Why did my AC stop working in my Honda Civic?

Relay Heating up

Some people including me faced this rare issue. Once the car gets hot, the AC compressor starts tripping and will try to turn it on repeatedly, but it will not unless your car is cooled down. The relay gets so hot that it stops passing current to the compressor. The best way to resolve that issue is to change the AC compressor relay from the fuse box and the AC will start working perfectly.

Clogged Condensor

Sometimes the AC not working doesn’t mean there is a technical issue, the condenser might be clogged up with dust, Get the condenser cleaned with soap water every 1000 miles to prevent any low cooling.

Bad Cabin Filter

The Cabin AC filter might be too dirty and is preventing the AC from working properly, Get it cleaned too to prevent any issues.

Worn out belt

A worn-out belt is also a reason why your AC is not working properly so get it changed as well.

Refrigerant gas leak

Always keep an eye on the AC Refrigerant, if the gas is low, the AC compressor won’t work properly.

What are common AC problems with the Honda Civic?

Some common issues with the AC on a Honda Civic include:

AC Refrigerant Leak

The major issue people faced was the AC Refrigerant gas Leak. This could be from any of the leaking pipes or the condenser, mostly from the evaporator located at the dashboard. This leak damages all parts like the condenser, compressor, etc. as the AC emits carbon.

Defective Compressor

Another issue was that the Honda Civic 2017 faced an AC compressor issue as the given compressor from Honda could not take the load. However, Honda launched the recall to fix the issue free of cost.

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