How to remote start the 2017 Honda Civic

Did you get your hands on the Honda Civic 2017 and are testing new features? Honda started giving remote start on the Honda Civic in the 2016 onward models, making it easy for the users. Let’s start the guide without further ado.

First off you need to be sure that your car supports remote start. To check that you just have to see if your key has a round button that looks like a restart icon. If the button is present, your car supports remote start. 

5 Steps to Remote Start Honda Civic 2017

Step 1: Stay within the range

Honda has given a 100-foot range for the remote start to work, so make sure you are within that limit.

Step 2: Press the unlock button

First, you will need to unlock the car if it is already locked

Step 3: Press the lock button

And then press the lock button to lock the doors of the car

Step 4: Press and hold the remote start button

Right after locking, press and hold the remote start button and after a few seconds the lights will blink twice with a beep sound. 

Step 5: It’s done

After that, you can leave the button and the car will take care of the rest and it will start the engine. Make sure to get in the car within 10 minutes of startup as the car will be turned off after 10 minutes. 

How to change the car to turn off after 10 minutes?

To increase the startup time, press and hold the remote start for 3 seconds. This will increase the startup by 10 more minutes.

The car will maintain its climate setting according to the temperature outside.

How to turn off the Honda Civic after remote start?

To turn the car back off with the remote, press and hold the remote start button for 3 seconds and you will see the lights blink with a beep sound. The car is now off.

How do I know if my Honda has a remote start?

You can understand whether the Honda Civic has a remote start or not by looking at the key. If there are two sections in the last part of the key, then it supports, if there is only one section, then it does not. 

The following Honda Civic models have a remote start:

  1. Honda Civic LX
  2. Honda Civic Sport
  3. Honda Civic EX
  4. Honda Civic EX-L
  5. Honda Civic Touring
  6. Honda Civic Si 
  7. Honda Civic Type R

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