How To Lock Honda Civic While Engine is Running – 10th Generation 

Want to secure your belongings in a Honda Civic while the engine is running? Or need to leave kids in the car with doors locked? This can be done by locking the car while the engine is running. However, unfortunately, you are left with only two options, which are also on chance. Let’s have a look at what we can do to lock your Civic while the engine is running.

According to the user manual, the Honda Civic will automatically lock once you leave the car with the fob and get out of the 6-foot range, however, they have not stated anything related to the engine being turned on. 

What can you do to lock the Honda Civic while the engine is running?

The only thing you can do is lock the driver’s side manually through the manual key and the other three doors from inside by pressing the lock. This way you can try locking your Honda Civic, if it still does not happen, there will be no option left to do the job. 

You can remotely start the Honda Civic’s engine with the door locked, but the car will be turned on for 10-15 minutes maximum. This way you can achieve the goal. You can do this only in some Honda Civic models that support remote start.

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Can you lock your keys inside a push to start?

No, you cannot lock your keys in any car that supports push start as it features a security system that doesn’t auto lock the doors at any cost. 

You can also try putting the fob key in the trunk and the trunk will open instantly with a beep sound. 

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