How to Reset Oil Life on Honda Civic 2017

Did you just get your oil changed on your Honda Civic 2017? If yes, now it is time to reset the oil life to prevent any errors and keep track of the oil life of the new oil. Mostly the dealerships or the shop you got the oil change from hand over the car after resetting the oil life, however, if they have not, here’s how you can Reset the Oil Life on the Honda Civic 2017.

9 Steps to Reset Oil Life on Honda Civic 2017

  1. Turn the car off and in the ignition mode, you will see many dashboard lights turned on
  2. Press and hold the menu button on the bottom left side of the instrument cluster on the steering
  3. You will see a main menu on the dashboard screen
  4. Scroll through the menu with the button under the volume button and go to the wrench icon 
  5. Press Enter, and you will see oil life.
  6. To reset, press and hold the enter button for 8-10 seconds
  7. A maintenance rest menu will show up 
  8. Press All Due items and you will see “reset Complete”. 
  9. It’s done, you will see a new oil life

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