How to turn off lane departure on Honda Civic 2023

Are you frustrated with the new Honda sensing given in the Honda Civic 11th generation 2023? One of the features Honda sensing has is the lane departure or lane keep assist, this can disturb you on highways and streets as well. The steering will vibrate if you take an instant turn, however, it is not recommended to turn off the lane departure as it prevents accidents. 

Sometimes you don’t need to keep in a single lane or just want to turn it off, now that’s where we jump in to help you turn off lane departure Honda Civic 2023. Let’s look at some ways to turn off lane assist on the Honda Civic 2023.

How Does Lane Keep Assist Work in Honda Civic 2023?

Lane Departure Warning is an advanced driver-assistance system (ADAS) that Honda started to give in the 2017 Honda Civics. It uses cameras and sensors to monitor the position of your vehicle within its lane. 

If the system detects that your Civic is drifting out of its lane without the use of a turn signal, it will provide visual and audible alerts to prompt you to take corrective action, the steering wheel will start to vibrate if you change lanes without indicators. The Lane Keep Assist feature can be particularly useful in preventing unintentional lane departures, especially during long drives or when you might be feeling fatigued.

Does the 2023 Honda Civic have lane assist? 

Yes, the new 11th-generation Honda Civic comes with a wide range of assist and controls, and lane assist is one of those features. 

Steps to turn off lane departure Honda Civic 2023

  1. Turn your car on
  2. Locate the lane assist icon under the cruise buttons, on the right bottom. The icon will look like a road with lanes on it
  3. Press the button to disable the Lane Departure Warning system. You will see an indicator on the meter to confirm that lane assist is turned off.
  4. Done! Congratulations, your lane keep assist is now turned off, and you can freely maneuver the steering without any alerts.

Note: Drive carefully as you would not be updated or alerted when you switch lanes

Why do you want to turn off the lane departure on the Honda Civic 2023?

Lane departure assist might be frustrating in some cases for some people, which can also cause accidents. The case can either be:

  1. Narrow Roads

The roads might be too narrow for the lane departure. It can trigger false alarms due to the limited width of the lane. Hence, turning off the lane departure warning will help prevent any false alarms.

  1. Heavy Traffic

When you are stuck in heavy traffic and the cars are bumper-to-bumper, the lane departure can start to turn on and off again and again with alerts that might distract you and cause the car to hit the one in the front. It’s better to turn off lane departure assist in heavy traffic too.

  1.  Trust issue

Trusting the car with all control is difficult for some people, as technology is changing, people are also adapting to the change slowly. It will take some time for people to have complete faith in their car. So, some people don’t prefer using the lane assist feature. 

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